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With a shared vision for aiding the thousands of boys and girls in the custody of North Carolina's foster care system, Baptist Children's Homes of North Carolina and the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina have partnered together for EVERY CHILD Foster & Adoption Ministry. We believe the church is the answer for ensuring every child receives the caring home he or she deserves.

Our Story

Baptist Children’s Homes of North Carolina (BCH) and the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina (BSCNC) have partnered together for EVERY CHILD Foster & Adoption Ministry. Launched in November 2021, BCH and BSCNC desire to see every child receive the caring home that he or she deserves through the direct involvement of North Carolina Baptists

It is this model of working directly with churches that is the heart of the EVERY CHILD Foster & Adoption Ministry.


As liaison to 77 local Baptist Associations, BSCNC is able to help cast the vision for the EVERY CHILD initiative throughout its statewide network of almost 4,400 churches in order to connect them with BCH’s foster/adopt staff. 

In total, BCH has licensed 395 family foster care homes and served 814 children in those homes. Currently, there are 199 active statewide foster homes serving 163 children. Numbers of active homes change as some families adopt the children they foster (when applicable) and others are no longer fostering.

NOTE: numbers are current as of December 2023.

By The Numbers...

Cheering Fans

children in the North Carolina foster care system


Through EVERY CHILD, BCH’s statewide foster and adopt staff provide the following:

  • Training and licensing for couples in churches who desire to foster or foster-to-adopt—training takes place at the time and place convenient for the participating church

  • Working with couples and individuals to foster-to-adopt or adopt domestically or internationally

  • Equipping churches to provide ongoing ministry and support for foster and adoptive parents and their children in their congregation

  • Providing ongoing support to participating  churches and families

  • Offering trauma-informed training to help with boys and girls who come from traumatic circumstances

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